Busker, Hosier Lane – Melbourne CBD

I’ve never seen a Busker in Hosier Lane before.

The lane is renowned for its Street Art (and nothing else to my knowledge).

Prior to Christmas I took several photos of this musician and was not completely happy with any of them due to the busy background of street art and the over-exposed parts from the hot overhead glaring sun.  Taking a few shots further up the street from the side erased the brightly coloured background and helped, because ultimately the busker was the subject.

Tonight I cropped off the messy side of the landscape size image and ended up with almost a square.  Not sure about it, but at least cropping off the blurred passersby removed the distractions.  Ultimately, the close-up of the musician seemed the best.

IMG_9270 IMG_9271 IMG_9252

And just so you know what sort of distractions I’m talking about, here’s one of the first photos which I didn’t like (below).

In fact, I don’t know why I put it in this post, except that sometimes I think it helps to see the rejects.

By the way, this is one set of street photography images that didn’t look right in Black & White.

Just too busy.  Which one do you like the most and why?



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