New baby Thai Elephant – Melbourne Zoo

I couldn’t wait to get to Melbourne Zoo today to see the new ‘walk-through’ attraction of Lemur Island, where visitors can get ‘up close & personal’ with a small group of Lemurs.  Unfortunately I couldn’t see any.  It wasn’t until I went through the double exit that I spied them hiding in the shade under the visitor boardwalk that winds it’s way through the massive enclosed space.  This new exhibit only opened a few days before Christmas.

Maybe I’ll have a photo for you next visit.

In the meantime, I was lucky enough to spot the new baby Thai Elephant born on the 7th December – just 3-4 weeks ago.  Mother Dokkoon and big sister Mali were constantly on hand to keep an eye on this gorgeous little animal.  I couldn’t help but wonder if the birth softened the blow of the tragic death of Dokkoon’s other calf just 3 days earlier

I was lucky enough to catch the outline of the little calf with the sunlight framing it, so you can see it’s hairy little back fairly well.  The new calf is blurred in the second photo, but never mind, you can’t expect me to get the DSLR focal point in the right place while eating a ‘forbidden’ treat and breaking my New Year’s resolution just 3 days after making it.  (and NO, I’m not going to tell you what I was eating, except to say it melted in the hot sun and I got sunburnt as punishment).

IMG_0426IMG_0442As usual, shots in the open at the Zoo on this sunny afternoon were a mixture of over-exposed sun glare in the background and under-exposed foreground, but a tweak or two with iPhoto made the images a little clearer.  These two shots above will at least give you a glimpse of the new calf until a later date when I take the longer telephoto lens with me.  Today was a ‘scouting’ expedition of the new enclosures and I only had the one lens with me.

Some great images from the Zoo’s newly refurbished Great Aviary to come up in the next post.  I need to review them in the daylight first and see which are the best for sharing.


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