New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t normally make New Year’s Resolutions.

But this year, I’ve vowed to have some and I’ve already well on the way (so I can safely say them out loud) – all ten of them.

1. Set up a photo filing system – FINALLY! (I started a week ago when I finally worked out how I wanted to see my current 17.00o+ images filed and accessible).  I’m not going to transfer any more images from my old Windows Back-up disc.  There’s too many and most are not really that good.  Last count I’d taken over 60,000 photos in 3 1/2 years.  I’m just going to move forward and file all images taken since I bought the Apple Mac Pro in October 2012) into easily searchable folders with meaningful titles.

2. Delete all the really bad shots (already started this a week ago and have deleted a couple of thousand already). I don’t think I’ll be able to cut it down to 2000 (as I originally thought), but I really only want to keep the ‘keepers’, not the ‘maybe’s’.  I think if I can get the archives on my Mac down to about 5000 in total and file them under the bird & animal names, landscape locations (the few that I’ve done), B & W, street art & street photography, that will enable me to find an old photo when I want one.

3. I ordered a Ring Flash for my macro lens and it’s come in to the city camera store this week, so here’s to more flower & macro images that are better lit from the front (I KNOW I SAID THIS LAST YEAR but I really mean it this year).  It might take a bit of practice, but I’ve never been short of tenacity.  At one time I even thought of selling my Macro lens, but a surf of the internet revealed I wouldn’t have got that many $$ for it, so I’ve had a re-think on the way I use it.  I’ve taken a lot of flower images that could have been better if they were front lit.  I take a lot of flower images in the shade as the petal detail stands out better than in Melbourne’s glaring summer sun.  The wind is a big problem in flower photography too.

4. More indoor photography (as my long walking days are over) – I’m not willing to go through ankle surgery again like back in 1997 (with the prognosis before Christmas being only a feeble ‘might work‘ from the Orthopaedic surgeon).  It is too risky and the whole concept of removing a troublesome tendon from under my foot and re-attaching it to the side of my ankle to give it more stability sounded like more in the realms of experimental surgery and guesswork.  I’ve already got permanent nerve damage in my right foot and there was every chance further surgery would add to this (and the very real chance of ending up unable to walk far at all).

5. Reduce some of my Blog Following even further, as it takes up too much time in the morning to read and I’m getting outdoors later & later.  I love reading photography blogs.  I get so inspired and uplifted from blogs around the world.  I love reading about different cultures and different countries.  I get really enthused by seeing how other photographers, (amateur & professional), see the world through their lens.  I also learn a lot about exposure and light.  But the reality is that I really need to spend more time making my own photos.  I’ve let that slip over the last winter.

6. Post on my PhotoBlog less often.  A couple of years ago, I used to upload 3-4 posts a night. Too much. Once or twice a week is plenty (if not less).

7. And for my own mental health and eye strain, spend more time on other hobbies.  Gardening – I love it.  Nothing like an hour or two of pruning and tidying to replenish the soul and relax those worn out brain cells and eye strain.  Reading – hard work with my distance glasses perched on the end of my nose, but I’m enjoying reading a book I borrowed form my SIL over Christmas at the moment.  I can only read a chapter or two at a time as my eyes tire easily and my concentration lapses. Time to let that obsession to make photos calm down a little.  It’s not healthy to spend so much time on the one subject or hobby (when it gets to the stage where you feel naked without a DSLR over your shoulder when you go outdoors).

8. Do more cooking?  Partly for some more food photography practice, but also for health.  I’m grain & dairy intolerant and my allergy & intolerance symptoms emerged again in 2013 as I ran out of time to cook properly and/or prepare healthy food.   I’d come home late from the zoo, or city, and then be too tired to cook.  I used to make healthy vegetable juices daily before my juicer broke and my income decreased.  I used to eat nothing but fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meat, fresh fish, nuts & seeds.  Time to get back to a more economical version of it, now that I don’t have a monthly salary going into my bank account each month.

9. I really think the above listed resolutions are enough to aim for in 2014.  By sharing them with you, I’ll have to do them or ended up being embarrassed by failure.  It’s surprising how much resolutions and dreams eventually become a reality when you share them with the Blogaspere.

10. More of 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8.

…….and we’ll have a favourite Meerkat image (made back in May last year) to celebrate.  I’ve shared this image before, but favourite images can always be re-visited.

IMG_3743 - Version 2


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