Wonga Pigeon (Leucosarcia melanoleuca) – The Aviary, Melbourne Zoo

Several times on my zoo visit yesterday, I was in the right place at the right time – an amateur photographer’s lucky break.

When I entered the deep shaded end of the Aviary, I immediately saw this lovely Wonga Pigeon.  I’d never seen it in the Aviary before and despite the lack of sunlight at this end of the enclosure, the pigeon moved along the waist-high wooden railing from time to time, so that it was outlined with light.  All I needed to do was lighten the image with PSE9 editing to reveal a little more of its feather detail.  The second photo was taken just before it flew away, startled by some young tourists coming towards me and chattering rather loudly.  The image ended up with the bird too close to the right hand side of the frame, but I included it in this post as photo showed the pattern on its breast feathers.



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